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Improving the Lives of Parkinson’s Disease Patients while Reducing Side-Effects through Deep Brain Stimulation


Type of funding scheme: SME-targeted Collaborative Project
Work program: HEALTH.2012.1.2-1: Development of technologies with a view to patient group stratification for personalized medicine applications
Grant number: 305814

Objectives of IMPACT

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is an established treatment for essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease, and dystonia. DBS can be envisioned as a 'pacemaker for the brain'; mild electrical stimuli are delivered to brain tissue, via implanted probes, to suppress unwanted activity and restore desired neuronal functions. For Parkinson’s disease alone, over 50,000 patients are diagnosed each year in Europe. Due to the lack of personalized treatment possibilities, around 15–30% of DBS patients suffer from stimulation-induced side-effects resulting from stimulation. The goal of IMPACT is to answer this need by realizing a direct-feedback image-based expert tuning tool to improve positioning and programming of patient specific steering brain stimulation (SBS) implants. The system will combine pre- and post-operative MRI imaging, directional brain recordings and statistical data about brain areas that are responsible for stimulation-induced side-effects.